Twin Flame

Eyes of blue that ignite my soul

You make life become more alive

From the inside of my sacral chakra

Starts a wildfire that only we can feel

And so together we burn in an organized fashion

Together we learn with a synchronized passion

How to feel such joy again

Yet more profound than prior lessons

As we’ve found light in dark recessions

And now that we both come to surface

As separate wholes, for we deserve this

We collide into ourselves

The mirrors that reflect true wealth

Of heart and body, mind and soul

It became one when we let it go

We are all- we are us

We are one in every piece of trust

We are not lost nor are we found

We are all that life has grown through clouds

We are the light that shines so proud

We are the highest frequency

We are the best that we can be

Comprised of authenticity

We are the bird that has flown free


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