Entitled (FuckBoy)

You speak in slang and your spelling is atrocious

You say your valuable time is not to be wasted

Yet you still eat your parents groceries

You don’t know how to cook without a microwave

You claim to hold the value of precious diamonds

Yet your attitude is bad and you always misbehave

You go around alone because you’re better than this life

Your delusion in your bubble is more quiet than it’s loud

You couldn’t cut through butter with the dullness of your knife

You have no comprehension for metaphors and such

You can only read in slang when it’s short and not enough

Like a pesky squirrel, you’re always eating all the nuts

Your glass is not consumed by either whole or half

Your contents are vacant inside your knock-off Solo cup

You’re a childlike adult and you make for a good laugh

You drown yourself in alcohol and smoke a lot of weed

You live inside a videogame as you’re playing what you eat

You think that you deserve it all so you hold so many needs

Yet what you have to offer is lonesome selfish greed

Congratulations on your horrid attitude

Your lack of contribution is effortless and rude

So unrealistic and oh so very crude

You are the prime example of why your life is such a mess

Your entitlement holds no recognition or reward

As you’re unaligned with what is best

A mirage is what you see and feel

And all that you envision becomes your own reality

Lost inside your unhealed pain- it’s real

But know that there is still hope for even such a tragedy

Perhaps one day you may find

A higher piece of self

And then when you awaken time

You’ll unlock the key of your own wealth

The abilities you have; yes the do exist

One must first become aware of self

To live beyond the ignorance and bliss

The will to change your life; yes it does exist

And when you find a piece of harmony

Your past will not be missed

There is hope in life- even for your kind

But it will not manifest by sitting lost in time

Good luck to you- the stuck and broken

I wish you true enlightenment

So you may accept my token

Or follow patterned discontent





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