Doctor (Drug Dealer)

Doctor doctor

Checking up on me

I can tell you really like my company

Doctor doctor

So you gave me some pills

You told me that they’d help me with my painful chills

So I took em just as you prescribed

Took em and I hooked em- they were numbing my vibe

Flowing through my stream of blood

Unprepared for the havoc of a future flood

Doctor doctor

I’m back to see you again

Follow up on me like you’re such a good friend

I know that you really care about my health

You’re certified and licensed with a PHD of wealth

“In God We Trust”- or so they say

If it’s money then it’s good so I guess I’ll stay

You sent me home with another script

Reading me your lines with such precise magic

Dark storm up ahead

I only knew what I heard and saw

I guess I should have read

Side effects came so you cut me off

Withdrawing from your potion

I was falling off

Feeling lost and feeling cold

Hurting with the chills as the story goes

Doctor doctor

You made your money

Black magic in your bank and you think it’s funny

You hurt my soul

You killed my vibe

You were numbing me with drugs so I could live to die

I could resort to heroine

But I’m not gonna let your filthy system win

Good cop bad cop

I’ve seen em all

Best believe you aint ever gonna see me fall

You taught me well and now I know

I made it through the storm of your domino

Never again will I come back to you

You’re a dirty doctor and I don’t trust you



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