Light Power

The projection of your energy into the outer frequency of life creates a three-fold type of karma that can be sharper than a knife or as climactic as a peak experience of monumental success, satisfaction, and happiness. Be aware, be here, and be present among all that are one.  Be conscious, be wise, and be careful with your gun.  What you have to offer is surely what you’ll get.  There is no playbook for how all of this unfolds but when you see with your third eye you’ll be subjected to your own magic.  You have the power and it belongs to you.  Use it to your advantage and your power will shine through.

Are you kind?

Are you available?

Do you care?

Are you alone?

Are you happy?

Are you successful?

Are you helpful?

What do you contribute?

We are in this together or not at all.

We can choose to rise and we can choose to fall.



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