You ain’t lookin now

But you will in time

You’re in the players court

And I veered off the line

Made a little mess

But I’ll be back to fine

I’ve seen this game before

You got a one track mind

My darkness sucked me in

Turned it all to blind

But I was never lost

And I know where to find

Had this all planned out

I was just doing time

Now I’m coming back

And I’ll be just fine

You can hold your breath

You can count to three

You can wait around

Until I’m a better me

You can watch me grow

You can watch me shine

But when you wait around

I won’t be on your side

I’ll tell you something-

Something about bout time

It’s valuable and precious

And I’m not wasting mine

I have a deeper purpose

I have a greater cause

I don’t really care

About the whole applause

Behind the big red curtain

And the shiny silver screen

I can only thrive

With real transparency

I want a sacred heart

So I’m gonna reach inside

Gonna clone myself

And take me for a ride

Got a lot of this

And maybe some of that

Got a lot to give

I know I want it back

And there are some things

That I do not have

But it’s not a problem

I got it in the bag

Filled it with my meat

And it’s soaking blood

Like a domino

Ricochet my flood

Messing up my hair

Playing in the mud

I can feel myself

So I’m gonna call it love


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