I was young and I was innocent

When my daddy broke me in

I was pure and I was sweet

When I was thrown outside to die

No food and no shelter

No person to befriend

I was broken, lost, and lonely

I prayed for this to end

The boys at school would beat me up

Then fuck me in the ass

The other girls hated me

They said I had no class

The teachers they would turn their heads

I had nowhere to go

So then I finally ran away

To find another home

This has been my life

It’s the only thing I know

Struggle, pain, survival

Amid the undertow

Found a pretty lover

In the sunlit lands of Florida

An escape like no other

But I just could not afford it

So I did the only thing I know

We gotta make a living

Hooking fast and hooking slow

Money for the beer and kitchen

I tried to find another job

And leave my normal ways

But they said I was no good

My efforts didn’t pay

So I went back to the road

And found more men to lay

Another Jon, another job

Another place to stay

One day in the Summer heat

Another job came through

He was drunk and wanted meat

I blacked out before I knew

Clocked my head and beat me up

Raped me in the ass

This job was not even worth

A single piece of cash

So I came back to conciousness

And found his “manly” gun

Figured that I’d pay him back

For all that painful “fun”

Shot the fucker in the head

And watched him slowly bleed

To hear his painful screams of death

Provided me release

Now I finally knew

That I was not alone

Now that I could see

Pain has many homes

So I left with my new car

Survival of the fittest

I know that I’m still good as gold

God shall be my witness

With this new promotion

From a hooker to a killer

I found more ease and comfort

True justice for the thriller

Removing all the scum

From this overpopulated rock

Manifesting freedom

By removing all the cocks

Aim and shoot to kill

You trained me very well

A killer is not born

They are crafted by your hell

I am no longer your little target

Not your victim or play toy

I am as you designed me

And I will now destroy

Knife party with your dick

I’m the raddest chick

The cops ain’t gonna catch me

I’m running ‘way from it

Take the car and cash

I’ll be running in a dash

The day those pigs brought me in

Is when my life had finally crashed

They say that life ain’t fair

I know this all too well

You die so many times

But your last one won’t be hell

They say that life’s a bitch

I’ve lived it every day

I did my very best

With the bed I had to lay


(R.I.P. – Aileen)






    • She needs to be recognized beyond the fact that she was a serial killer. She was more than that. Thank you for reading.

      Liked by 1 person

      • That couldn’t be more true. I hate how vilified she was and put to death despite being a victim

        Liked by 1 person

      • I think that she should not have gotten the death penalty. They could have and should have given her psychiatric care. Maybe there could have been some laws passed to protect women and men from predatory people or provide hookers a 2nd chance at life or a working program to get them off the streets but no… that just goes to show how fantastic our system is (sarcasm).


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