Your Kindness

I’ve been meaning to tell you

After all these years

That your humble kindness

Evaporates my tears

When you smile back

There is no more pain

When you’re nice to me

There is so much gain

When you reach out

And take my hand

You make life living

It’s no longer bland

Your eyes contacting

Right to mine

Something about it

Feels so fine

Gracing me

With those good vibes

Your positive energy

I come alive

You left those games

At the door

When you came in

I couldn’t ignore

Your genuine laugh

And honest soul

Trusting truth

Harmonious flow

Your cash and credit

Your fashion sense

Your bank account

Your royal descent

Your beautiful face

Your alluring physique

Your attractive scent

Your fancy unique

All of those things

Cannot be compared

To the loving kindness

Your heart has bared

If you lost it all

And left today

My wish is that

Your kindness would stay

It heals wounds

While saving lives

It is priceless

And never dies




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