I fell in a hole
And it planted my seed
Down in the ground
Far beneath me
Now here I am
Climbing the dirt
Pushing the boundary
Ripping your skirt
Clawing my way
Back to the surface
Surely God knows
That I didn’t deserve this
The higher power
Encouraged my growth
Blessing my tongue
With the magic I spoke
Years of struggle
And multiple traumas
From one to the next
Call Dalai Lama
Call to the Sun
Call to the Moon
Call to the Goddess
And God of life’s spoon
Feed me your power
I need you in me
Thank you for blessings
My heart’s growing free
Protruding the surface
Of my burial plot
To discover what worth is
And feel it burn hot
Deep and warm
The wake of my chest
The beast of my belly
The bird from the nest
The late newfound gem
A shine through the crack
Of a wall that will crumble
Break through with a smack
Bursting to triumph
As my steady light shines
Bringing the life
Back into my eyes
And now I can see
The dreams I once had
From the ages of dark
When beneath heavy sand
And now I can feel
A synchronized flow
Harmonious moments
It cannot be shown
Though I feel and I see
Touch and taste with my soul
Awake and evolved
With more magic to grow


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