Fall Into Grace

Had a lot of nice cars and I wrecked them all
Had a lot of lovers and I wrecked them too
Had a lot of drinks in the V.I.P.
Had a lot of full service with a lot of food
Had a lot of goods but they weren’t that great
Had a crazy good life so I had to call it fate
Had a lot of side jobs, had to get that paper
Had a lot of moments I’d forget about later
Had a lot of friends in shallow pools
Had a lot of playmates and broken tools
Had a quick fix every now and then
Had a wicked entourage but it felt pretend
It wasn’t meant to last so I had to let it go
Making up for my past, it was out of control
I had so much fun and I sure do miss it
But I missed a lot of love and I wish I had kissed it
So I gotta take a moment to sit and reflect
As I’m settling into my retrospect
I flew to the moon with no regrets
Came back to life while dodging death
I only have one so I gotta preserve
There’s only one here so I must reserve
My time and space within this place
Enjoy the evolution into grace


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