After Ever

It’s not about looks or vanity. It’s about comfort, peace, and sanity. No need to explain of why or how. When change is necessary for internal happiness and peace there will always be a way- Even if you must fight to get there, and furthermore, even if you must suffer for your triumph while disregarding all of the muttering slack along the way. Ignoring the unnecessary creatures that lurk beneath you trying to tear you down from your pursuit of happiness. I can hear the voices echo off the walls begging me to stay and to embrace these scars as battle wounds as a reminder of how far I’ve come. But to grow from my past I must let it go so I can forget about the pain I’ve suffered. I must not let it linger to remind me of where I’ve been. It is my destiny to look forward to a life of peace, love, comfort, happiness and, in a way, normalcy. And that’s what I’m after.


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