I guess I didn’t know

Until I fell and then I found

All pieces of myself

That were broken on the ground

A reflection of the pain

That was shattered in the mirror

Particles of light that were clouded by my fears

All the times I settled

For less than what I’m worth

All the chains enslaving me

Was not what I deserve

A sacred heart of love

Beneath a heavy chest of doubts

Beautiful- my soul

Yet I couldn’t let it out

I had to face my fears

To break away the curse

I had to drink my tears

Swallow and disburse

To project the gifts inside of me

The demons tried to hide

To bear my heart and soul

And make the devil cry

Expressing all my worth

And loving every moment

The key to my success

Unlocked the heart- my main component

The freedom of my best

Release my soul for me to own it

To love me for myself

This message- I condone it

……… ……… ………

Written by request for Alesha







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