I Miss You

I remember when we first met

You instantly became my little sister

How we met was so Jerellevant

Beyond the purple elephants

Long talks about life

The pains of growing up

And when those stupid boys would hurt you

I’d publically humiliate them

But hey- they’re not so tough

Class clowns burning their own houses down

With folks that work the system

But we will never miss them

Karma works in mysterious ways…

And all those walks to Subway

Only 5 bucks to eat fresh

Diving into depth of life

We ruled, we won, we left

You were taken by circumstance

And it broke my heart

I blamed myself for losing you

The separation made me split

So much time has passed

But you’ll forever be my Gemini twin

No matter where or how or why

You’re my sister till the end

What is a bird

Is it a girl gone wild

A cheap imitation

Of a video star

What is life

Is it a recreation

Or was our bond

A work of art

What is music

Without your acoustic

Your voice could heal my everything

I miss you so much, little sister

Please never forget

Your older brother~

~From another mister

… … …

*For Lindsay*



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