You have a filthy fucking mouth

That Orbits cannot tackle

Your gaping gutter gash

Is like a hole I cannot spackle

It reaks of grit and grime

Disgust within its rhyme

Oozing with infection

A wound of puss and slime

We’ve tried to call the doctor

But even he could not repair

The wreckage of your hole

The fisting of despair

So then we called the priest

And he showed up with his book

Your vial cunting slit

Repelled his second look

He grabbed his holy water

But then you raped his soul

Sucking out his God

And spitting for the trolls

So then we brought the nanny

To clean your fucking mess

We also brought the pest control

To clean your ratty nest

The nanny shit her pants and ran

The Orkin man ran to his van

So we devised another plan

To sanitize this sickly man

We got some fucking Clorox

And ran it down his tubes

Made him swallow bleach

Disinfecting through his grooves

Then he died

Problem solved

……… ……… ………

Written by request for Daniel S.







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