It was gratifying to my ego

While simultaneously triggering the blood pressure within my veins to pulsate at a faster rate

The moment that I proved you wrong

For all the times you doubted me

Shamed me

And underestimated my capabilities

How you just assumed that I had less magic

Lesser gifts

Lesser knowlege

Lesser craft

And then

To your surprise

I showed you differently

And the look on your face made my heart smile and frown at the same time

It was like I was saying “thank you” to myself and “fuck you” to your bewildered looking skull

Perhaps you didn’t mean to impose your insulting assumption upon me

Perhaps you just didn’t believe in anything greater than you

So from here you may continue to underestimate your environment if you choose the path of insanity

But never forget

You are what you eat

So be sure to chew wisely, you beast


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