Regimen (Aura)


You’re clearing out the trap

Releasing all the phlegm

Decongesting with your sap


I’ll sniff a handsome whiff

Refreshing and reviving

My stamina you lift

With a side

Of a citric orange kiss

Doubling the dose

You supercharge my bliss

Triple zinger

Witticism like a pro

Coconut and honey

With an argan type of glow

Lest we not forget

About the time we have for tea

White is right for my complexion

With some green for clarity

A drop of lemon

Slowly stirred but never shaken

A pinch of cinnamon or clove

In the black cup I’ll be making

Draw the bath

Add a cup of milk from goat

Silky soft when you submerge

Soaking to the level of your throat


Calm your body and your mind

Add a couple drops of this

Peace and rest is what you’ll find

Ease the knees

Release the tension of your back

Return with peppermint

And eucalyptus to the bath

Soak a while

Let the magic stir

No need to call the doctor

As I’m crafting my own cure

Let it drain

As if funnels down the pipe

Salty sea of shining day

Epsom moon of glowing night

Tea tree

Revive the aura of my crown

Accompanied with sage

You never let me down

Pat dry

Get the cocoa and the shea

Butter up the temple

For the benefits to stay

Later on

Bring the frankincense and myrrh

Relate to meditate


Enhance the mood without a stir


Flowing harmony to zen

Losing track of all the time

Through the space inside my head

Reverse the clock

I find myself in trance

Within another realm

I channel light to my enhance

Protect the glory of this rite

As we make the spirits dance

By the day and by the night

Thanking nature for this chance

********* ********* *********

***Blessed Be***







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