The Lying Aunt

Her name was Constantina.  She had dark tanned skin over her naturally olive-tone Sicilian complexion.  Textured like vintage worn leather were the deep wrinkles embedded on her surface like scars of concealed lies.  When she opened the slit of her mouth, her jagged teeth, stained in coffee, would fiercely wink at you.  The pungent stench of her lingering triple espresso would waft its way up into your nostrils and violently attack the entirety of your brain, making your eyes squint as the pain unleashed its way down to the stem and into your neck.  She concealed herself with the “word of God” as only she knew it.  Her regular visits to the Catholic church were satisfactory for her forgiveness. She would pay penance for making her way through life.  She dipped her dry and poorly-manicured fingers into the holy water and caressed her blind third-eye to anoint her filthy mind with symbolic purity.  She would say, “If the Devil can touch my thoughts then so shall the grace of God”.  She was a school teacher, a mentor, an advocate for anti-bullying in school systems, a wife, a mother, a daughter, and an aunt.  Her son was her proudest accomplishment.  She would verbally express that she loved her career as a school-teacher but would often follow her expression of love with a long list of complaints and criticisms.  She loved everyone so much that she would critique the way they lived, shaming them for everything that wasn’t appealing to her personal beliefs.  She christened her environment with racist, sexist and homophobic opinions as well as narrowly structured left-brainer type of guidelines but she would always be cordial and loving to your face in a deceitful cowardice type of way.  She could tell you to go fuck yourself without actually having to say it, for it did not align with her religious ways.  She enjoyed providing advice, especially when it was not asked for.  She claims to love everyone but her actions somehow always fall short of her wonderful goodwill mouth.  She is a good example of what not to be if you want to be genuine.  She is a falsely identified and falsely portrayed mouth of powerful deceit.  She speaks in tongues.  Do you smell the coffee?  In Jesus name, we pray.  Amen.


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