Was a wish

Became a dream

Was a dream

Became a nightmare

Was a fantasy

Turned reality

Was not what I expected

Far from my intent

It was real

But not clear

Far from my consent

I was chasing all my fears

Rushing tunnels

Blasting wind upon my face

Excitement and impulse

Was racing for the chase

Seen so many faces

Heard so many names

Feeling so complacent

Drowning in my shame

Lonely and forgotten

Perhaps it’s for the best

A new day will be dawning

I somehow passed this test

By fate or by free will

I may never know

It wasn’t such a loss

Living life had made me grow

So here I am again

But this time all alone

Not counting all my steps

Until I make it home

So this is where I am

I somehow made it home

Breathing all my breaths

As I live here all alone


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