Human Race War (MicroScope)

You want the gold

You’ll kill for it

Your story told

You’ll steal for it

Stab your friend

In the back

Cheat your lover

For a gritty snack

Loathe around

Like a pig

Spit your shit

Your mouthing cig

Scream and rape

Like a monkey

You filthy ape

So fucking funky

Running round

Where’d you go

Running proud

You missed the show

Running loud

With your ego

Open wide

Your mouth will blow

Running, running

Run some more

What exactly

Are you running for

President or CEO


Or circus show

Categorical segregation

In your isolated

Radio station

Tuning into

Your vacant noise

The human race

You’re running toys

A figment of

The microscopic


From ice age tropics

Run and run

And run some more

Run yourself

Into the floor

Cavefolk dwell

In modern day

Praise the Gods

For they won’t stay

These creatures roll

In their delay


Savage prey


As they clash

Ripping tides

Risen rash

Empty guides

They burn to ash

Combusting into

Lightning flash


You’ve made it to the finish line




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