I let you fly
Free to be
Then you come closer
Closer to me
I give you space
I give you peace
I give you time
I give release
I watched you go
As we parted
Then carried on
From where I started
Loving me
With thoughts of you
Doing what
I’m here to do
Breathing in
And letting out
Daily tasks
I run about
Music, books
And morning tea
In my own company
Work days come
And then they go
Sunshine fades
For the moon to glow
No starry nights
In city lights
I lay to sleep
Then wake up right
Cross the mirror
I see again
Check my phone
I see my friend
Return your call
A fresh recall
A clear prospect
You’re on your way
I’ll brew the tea
With cream and honey
For my company



    • Thank you for the feedback.

      When I wrote this, I was expressing my relationship with myself and with others involved in my life. From a past of toxic relationships / friendships, and a lack of self-love, I have found a steady balance. Learning to prioritize, enjoy life, and care for myself adequately has provided my life with balance and harmony and attracted more positive relationships for my with myself and with the word around me. It was, in a way, a reflection of what has evolved for me and because of me. Escaping chaos and entering harmony with balancing skills.

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  1. Correction- …for me with myself and the world around me.


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