Just Me

Turned on the TV again

And what did I see

But another hot topic

With no relevance to me

Patronizing women

For having thick bodies

But I’m just a man

You don’t know, or forgot me

Flipping through channels

Of horrific news stories

Race wars and scandals

Ununified glories

Shootings and terror

But nothing seemed real

Unresemblent of life

The chaos it steals

Shutting it down

With my power button

Escaping the noise

From belligerent gluttons

In the midst of my silence

I transformed into peace

But was lonely and quiet

A yearning release

I wanted to feel

I wanted to touch

I needed it real

I wanted so much

So I went for a walk

Not passing a soul

I wanted to talk

But no ears to console

I wanted to belong

But there was nothing to grip

No juice from life’s fruit

Not even a sip

Vacant relation

From the death of their eyes

Distant vacation

Detached in my cries

No words from the mouths

That had nothing to say

No glances in sight

That were hoping to stay

I felt I was fading

My beauty gone stray

In a world of connection

That has broken away

Common small talk

So bittersweet short

Ethical social jargon

Blandly distort

Grazing the surface

Away from my mind

Boring and lonely

These are the times

It’s better than hurt

And better than pain

Safer than drama and chaos again

Cleaner than filth

Away from betrayal

No knives in my back

I guess it’s okay though

Evaluating this

From what I have had

Though it seems boring

It’s really not that bad

So here I am

Alone again

I find myself

My very best friend

So here I am

All I wanted to be

You may never know me

But I am just me

So here I am

Everything that I know

Maybe you’ll see me

I’ll be fine if you don’t




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