My large man-hand

Slowly descends it’s way down

Dipping itself inside your

Wet bucket-

You scream, “Fukc”

Echoing off the

Inner walls of your core

Drenched inside this

Hot fire

Buring embers ignite

Your sticky film

Of laced dreams

Intertwined with bits

Of God

To devour the entirety

Of your alpha

And your omega

Dark screams

Of crying beauty

Glide across

The sensitive surface

Of your deep wound


Making entry

Through your

Sacred portal

This bellowing beast

Roaring to awaken

The crescent of your

Moist fruit


And clenching

To squeeze and twist

The soaking remains

Of your heavy sponge

Dripping deeper

Below the invasion

Of my big



The sinister sound

Of rainfall

On your black tar

In the storm

Of the endless night

Meshing together

As you scream,


And again

We practice

The ritual of feeding

And bathing

In the fountain

Of your shaking


Seasoned with spice

And marinated

From the earthly oils

Of transcendental heaven

Tugging on the trigger

Of you wildest notion

Sipping cranberries

From the fairies

Of majestic potion

Leaning into synchrony

The orchestral choir

Climaxing to the enigma

Gently surrounding

The precious aura

Protecting your

Sigh of relief

And quickly

Yet slowly

You evolve

And peacefully drift

Into euphoric completion

Of whole…

~And breathe.


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