I’m the beast inside your solemn cave
Awakening your skin
Climbing up your walls
To release my potion in your pores
Filling you with heat
From the cell inside my chamber
Steaming your inner thigh with the firm grip of a smooth glide
And then I suddenly disappear along the edge of your climax
Yet I knew you were near the top
But I had to calm you down
With my absence
To reduce your fever
And take away your pain
Only for me to come back
And feel you out again
Giving you the gifts of my hands
And my silent mouth
As touching and feeling
Of our bodies
Speaks louder than the connection of the words within a compound sentence
As we go into the wild
We become lost
Only to be found

Regimen (Aura)


You’re clearing out the trap

Releasing all the phlegm

Decongesting with your sap


I’ll sniff a handsome whiff

Refreshing and reviving

My stamina you lift

With a side

Of a citric orange kiss

Doubling the dose

You supercharge my bliss

Triple zinger

Witticism like a pro

Coconut and honey

With an argan type of glow

Lest we not forget

About the time we have for tea

White is right for my complexion

With some green for clarity

A drop of lemon

Slowly stirred but never shaken

A pinch of cinnamon or clove

In the black cup I’ll be making

Draw the bath

Add a cup of milk from goat

Silky soft when you submerge

Soaking to the level of your throat


Calm your body and your mind

Add a couple drops of this

Peace and rest is what you’ll find

Ease the knees

Release the tension of your back

Return with peppermint

And eucalyptus to the bath

Soak a while

Let the magic stir

No need to call the doctor

As I’m crafting my own cure

Let it drain

As if funnels down the pipe

Salty sea of shining day

Epsom moon of glowing night

Tea tree

Revive the aura of my crown

Accompanied with sage

You never let me down

Pat dry

Get the cocoa and the shea

Butter up the temple

For the benefits to stay

Later on

Bring the frankincense and myrrh

Relate to meditate


Enhance the mood without a stir


Flowing harmony to zen

Losing track of all the time

Through the space inside my head

Reverse the clock

I find myself in trance

Within another realm

I channel light to my enhance

Protect the glory of this rite

As we make the spirits dance

By the day and by the night

Thanking nature for this chance

********* ********* *********

***Blessed Be***






Get Some Sage

The havoc of your noise

The chaos of your sound

The knifing of your voice

That shit is fucking loud

Screeching like a bug

Quacking like a duck

Coffee grounds in mug

While you’re fracking like a fuck

Poisoning the earth

Sucking like leach

Uncleanly with your dirt

Washed up on the beach

Cum stain on your dress

Bleach stain on your best

Wine stain on your vest

You’re staining all the rest

Shut your fucking hole

You negative little cock

Purify your soul

Stop speeding up my clock

I’m tired of your spoil

You reek of bad turmoil

You’re murdering my vibe

You kill what is alive


Stuff (In Numbers)

5 watches
6 rings
10 necklaces
8 bracelets
1 rack of shoes
4 stacks of DVD’s
8 stacks of books
9 mirrors
A lifetime supply of beauty products
1 car
1 home
4 rooms
1 deck
1 backyard
1 porch
1 hallway
1 bathroom
1 bedroom
1 kitchen
1 living room
2 jobs
Several side jobs
A bunch of hobbies
Many pieces of furniture
1 smartphone
2 Bluetooth speakers
5 headphones
1 DVD player
1 bicycle
1 jar full of lip balm
1 vacuum
1 broom
2 cabinets full of dishware
1 drawer full of flatware
1 cupboard full of drinking glasses
10 bottles of cologne
12 neckties
2 checking accounts
1 savings account
3 credit cards
4 years of college
2 eyes
2 hands
2 legs
2 arms
2 ears
1 mouth
1 face
1 body
1 heart
Countless skills
Many achievements
No children
No spouse
No desire
Why do I even have all of this stuff?


Pained prison

Do you remember what it felt like

To be young and free

Dark eyes

Do you remember what it looked like

In natural lighting

Heavy breath

Do you remember the open ease

Of fresh air

Strong hands

Do you remember the firm grip

Of holding your desires

Long legs

Do you remember the distance

Of travelling here

Tired face

Do you remember when it was easier

To smile

Dry lips

Do you remember the passion

Of a wanted kiss

Soft hair

Do you remember the breeze

Of Summer winds

Broken heart

Do you remember what it felt like

To not have to pretend to feel

Remaining soul

Do you remember everything you went through

To make it here


Did you find that your desires

Must now come to you


The Paradox Of Life

Was loathing in my screams

Trapped inside myself

Punishing my mind

My heart upon a shelf

An angel came to me

Whispered in my ear

She said, “baby can’t you see…

…you’re still living, dear”

Then I found release

She saved me from my chains

Banishing my grief

Healing all my pain

Found another light

Shining from my heart

Such a tragic ending

To invoke a newfound start

Wash away my past

Let go of my fears

Nothing’s meant to last

I’m grateful to be here

Thankful for this angel

That sent her light to me

Was living in the blind

But she came to help me see

RIP sweet angel M.

The Lying Aunt

Her name was Constantina.  She had dark tanned skin over her naturally olive-tone Sicilian complexion.  Textured like vintage worn leather were the deep wrinkles embedded on her surface like scars of concealed lies.  When she opened the slit of her mouth, her jagged teeth, stained in coffee, would fiercely wink at you.  The pungent stench of her lingering triple espresso would waft its way up into your nostrils and violently attack the entirety of your brain, making your eyes squint as the pain unleashed its way down to the stem and into your neck.  She concealed herself with the “word of God” as only she knew it.  Her regular visits to the Catholic church were satisfactory for her forgiveness. She would pay penance for making her way through life.  She dipped her dry and poorly-manicured fingers into the holy water and caressed her blind third-eye to anoint her filthy mind with symbolic purity.  She would say, “If the Devil can touch my thoughts then so shall the grace of God”.  She was a school teacher, a mentor, an advocate for anti-bullying in school systems, a wife, a mother, a daughter, and an aunt.  Her son was her proudest accomplishment.  She would verbally express that she loved her career as a school-teacher but would often follow her expression of love with a long list of complaints and criticisms.  She loved everyone so much that she would critique the way they lived, shaming them for everything that wasn’t appealing to her personal beliefs.  She christened her environment with racist, sexist and homophobic opinions as well as narrowly structured left-brainer type of guidelines but she would always be cordial and loving to your face in a deceitful cowardice type of way.  She could tell you to go fuck yourself without actually having to say it, for it did not align with her religious ways.  She enjoyed providing advice, especially when it was not asked for.  She claims to love everyone but her actions somehow always fall short of her wonderful goodwill mouth.  She is a good example of what not to be if you want to be genuine.  She is a falsely identified and falsely portrayed mouth of powerful deceit.  She speaks in tongues.  Do you smell the coffee?  In Jesus name, we pray.  Amen.