I lied (oh yes I lied)

I broke the law (more than twice)

I cheated and I cursed and rolled the dice

I was good (pretty good)

Then I got bad (really bad)

I was paying back the damage that I had

I fucked the devil (with my eyes)

I was laughing (at your cries)

I sucked the root of sin in its disguise

I stole your heart (and took your soul)

I was smart (with my control)

Collecting all your dues for my console

I drank the bottle (every drop)

I smoked the grass (some call it “pot”)

I was sniffing up the latter to the top

I had some sex (a lot of sex)

Here and there (and in excess)

A party in my pants then to the next

But even this (has its price)

It’s not always (very nice)

The keeper of the gate will sacrifice

I disposed (of my heart)

I went blind (off the charts)

Alone I seek new doorways to a start

They shut me down (stopping time)

They didn’t know (I wasn’t fine)

Making up for all the pain I crossed the line

They didn’t know (what they did)

The couldn’t see (all their shit)

Call the kettle and the pot to swap my spit



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