For The Record

So I’m a narcissist because you don’t like yourself and it hurts you to watch me love who I am, unconditionally?

So I’m fat because you are much smaller than me?

So I’m ugly because I don’t wear makeup and hide behind a cloak of misery?

So I’m crazy because I dare to think in ways that are not restrictive and limited?

So I’m a whore because I embrace sexuality and am comfortable with pleasure?

So I’m easy because I gave my past occurrences a chance and it didn’t work out?

So I’m damaged because I chose to live outside of a box?

So I’m cocky because I am actively good at doing a lot of things with excellence and not timid to share it with others?

So I’m not worthy because I have flaws just like you and everyone else?

So I’m stupid because I don’t care about your obsession with pop-culture political agendas and overplayed news stories?

So I’m an asshole because I don’t permit others to disrespect me?

So I’m too picky because I know what I want and won’t settle for anything less?

So I’m desperate because I have the capability to love myself and others?

So I’m too personal because I’m real?

I AM extraordinary.

I AM life.

I AM love.

I AM real.

I AM beautiful.

I AM smart.




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