Filling Whole

Had a lot of lovers

Had a lot of friends

They never seem to last

I guess it was pretend

Worked a lot of jobs

Spent a lot of money

Told a lot of jokes

But they never were that funny

Took a lot of pictures

Faked a lot of smiles

Posing for the camera

While living in denial

I wanted them to like me

I wanted them to care

I was missing out on something

While searching in despair

So I ran from all the madness

The chaos and the stress

Blocking out the noise

To heal from my regrets

Took some time to think

Alone to self-reflect

At first, the silence ached

To review my introspect

I had to take the bullet

I had to become strong

Indulging in myself

To grow from what was wrong

Nothing lasts forever

Nothing good and nothing bad

Through darkness I found light

Letting go the pain I had

Wash away my filth

Cleaning out my doubts

Starting over with myself

So I can let it out

My past was just a lesson

And those battles made me grow

I learned to love myself

By letting demons go

Exorcized my right

To be happy and be free

From a past of pain and darkness

I stumbled onto me

Born again, I am

With nothing left to prove

To fill a jar with winnings

Sometimes you gotta lose

In a world of give-and-take

And all that’s in between

I keep moving forward

To fulfill my destiny


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