Mr. Right (Executive)

Do you take coffee or prefer tea

Babe, would you like to take a walk with me

Can we do yoga on the floor

Then go shop for home decor

Attend events and shows and all

Let’s go shopping at the mall

I’ll cook for you or you can take me out

‘Cause that is what I dream about

I rub your back and you rub mine

You make me laugh, you take my time

We jam out to our favorite songs

Then cuddle up like baby dogs

Cute and playful loving man

I dream of you because I can

Take me far up to the moon

A big old-dipper with a little spoon

Dancing through the milky way

Bonafide calcium every day

You bring my heart up to the sky

You know- You are my kind of guy

Strong mind, tough hands, but sensitive

All the qualities you have is what you give


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