(Original Version)

You break me

When you tell me you have flaws

You hate me

When you recognize it all

The demons

That slither in your ear

Don’t let them

Consume your mind with fear

Low frequency static

Does not belong in here

You’re amazing

Just the way you are

Stop changing

To cover up your scars

Un-hide you

From the illness of a scheme

Un-blind you

Heal you with my dream

Let’s face it

We’ve seen it all before

You’re different

And there’s so much to adore

About you-

But let’s get back to me

Open vessel

Tap to the sap inside my tree


And it’s loving every bit

From the inside

I’m feeling like you fit

You’re on top

Just the way you are

Let’s open

And together we’ll go far

And teach them

Exactly how it’s done

Just show them

Who the fuck is number one




Corner of my eye

I – See – You

Hoppin’ on my ride

Push up on it

Crack it open like a whip

Toss – It – Up

Fillin’ me with your magic



Time to make a valid wish



Is such a lovely bitch



When you know that it’s all good


Twist it

Poppin’ values in my hood


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