Won’t let you change me

Your talkin’ real slick while you try to disarrange me

Keep talkin’- I won’t let you change me

The way you’re talkin’ down to me like you’re full of misery

I’m loving on myself- I don’t need your common-wealth (if ya got it)

Construct another plan, since you can’t do it like I can

Envy my style while you’re loathing in denial

I’m holding down my fort and I don’t care if I’m a dork

Pretend like you don’t see me when you down-low want to be me

The way you’re picking out my flaws like you don’t have your own- heh

As if you’re picking up the tab for this charge I’m ’bout to grab (but you can’t)

Acting out in hate as you sloppily imitate

You’ll never replace me so you better calm down if you ever wanna face me

You can slop-cop my shit while you hate the bullet you stole

But I’ll never let you change me





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