Mr. Somebody

Mister somebody

You can be anybody

But I don’t know who you are

Are you hiding from afar

Do you know that I exist

Was I the one you missed

And if you’re closer than I know

Will you ever let it show

Can I have you for a day

Just to hope that you will stay

Are you strong enough to care

Or are you running in despair

Was it too good to be true

Does your mind play tricks on you

Was it out of time and place

As if we ever had to race

Are we younger by the minute

Can we ever seem to win it

Is it too deep of a dive

Like you won’t come out alive

If you really want to choose me

Are you just too scared to lose me


A disconnected buckle cannot click

To the stagnant, vacant, silent sound of it

Maybe we can know

Whenever you decide to show

But if you ever do

I hope that you are true

Melting into unity

A special opportunity

No, you haven’t surfaced

But I know that we deserve this

Time will send you to my light

When fate will finally prove us right


We deserve it

We are worth it

We can have it

We can keep it

We can live it

We can love it

We can hold it

We can show it

We can grow it

We can make it as we are

And let our passions take us far

Far away together

Shooting like a star

Lighting up the darkest night

Making love withing our light



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