Text message – SMS

On the minute

Every hour

And in excess

Tickity tock

The time will tick

60 in a minute but I deal with it

Picture message – MMS

Every day

All week

Relieve the stress

Appointed with a task

To meet in time

Color coordinate

To the light of lime

Booked in my schedule much

Every calendar month with a smartphone touch

Social gather with my friends

Rinse, lather, repeat again

Social network with my apps

Gotta take a selfie-

Aim and snap

Special invite to the webinar

Broadcast first class


Don’t blend to pretend

Be who you are

Respect one another

For who they are

Be kind


Life is good when you live it that way

Do to others

As you would yourself

Spreading love and grace for internal wealth

Time to share

Because you care

Getting what you give will take you there

Staying on task

To the nine

Takin’ me out to wine and dine

Date night?

Maybe if I got the time

Gotta pay the bills

Gotta stay on the grind

In check


Credit check

Scoring nice

Gotta keep it moving but I pay the price

Fast lane

Always on the go

Gotta catch a plane

Flying to the show


Business trip

2 birds, 1 stone, and double dip


Keep it intact

Joggin’ to the playlist ’round the track


Gotta relax

Meditate, vibrate and bring it back





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