Deconstructive Critics

You walked up in my space

Got real close to my face

I saw you reaching for me

And watched you fall behind

You told me I was useless

Then you said I was too much

And when working at my hardest

It still wasn’t good enough

You blast me on the internet

I bet you’re super tough

Like carpal tunnel in your hands

Your stroking talks too much

Gripping up your power

With imaginary might

You make those clever shadow puppets

Throwing gangster signs all night

I almost fell in laughter

From tripping on your ride

You sure know how to lead the ring

A circus star alive

You’re so good at fitting in

I really like your act

Rolling with your bandwagon

Must be hard to do in tact

So you take a hit of “life”

Or, at least, that’s what you call it

Got you spitting dragon fire

But it doesn’t fill your wallet

I guess I’m just not sold

On the shit you try to dish

You can’t come late to dinner

And be acting like a bitch

Broken and unfriendly

Reserved and super short

Aggressive and defensive

Acting out of sorts

Never very nice

I must be out of style

You say that you are awesome

But I think you’re in denial

Criticizing life

For all it doesn’t do for you

Or perhaps it’s life you lack

If it burns, it must be true




    • I suppose you can say that. It was a response to hateful attacks that I have previously been subjected to once upon a time. The backlash of cyber-bullying can be hurtful and damaging and sometimes very transparent as why some people say and do the things they do (out of jealousy, anger, ego, etc…). It was my blast of fire back, so-to-speak. And even though I have let it go, I find closure in writing from these experiences from my perspective. Thank you for reading. 🙂

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