Deal Or No Deal (LoveGame)

They say that love is pain but I call bluff

Love is not blame- I’ve had enough!

So when you push away with fears

And then he disappears

I guess you should have had a little trust

You wanted him to stay but you played

You wanted it to last but you fade

Push and pull

Tug of war

Up and down

To the floor

How could you disregard the man that you adore

So you carry-on with your ways

And your testing little phase

But love was never meant to be that way

So he didn’t fall on your lap

And he won’t be picking up all of your slack

Truth remains- you are not ready

So go play with your Teddy

While you think about the effort that you lack

Don’t grieve around in pain

As it picks apart your brain

A chance you didn’t take won’t be the same

Years down the road you might regret

All the running ’round you did when you fret

With your wandering eyes

Your deep internal lies

When will you escape your own disguise

To love another, one must understand

What the root of loving is and how it’s had

How to express yourself

With caring quality is wealth

The values of supply and demand

When you learn how to feel

And you find that it is real

That is when your heart has made it’s deal



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