Virgin Sacrifice

I invaded your vanilla with my chocolate

I was building up the loogie just to hock it

Deep into your abyss

Oh, the manners that I miss

Dripping down the frigid creases of your sprocket

Gearing to collect your finest dial

Ticking like the bomb inside your child

Like a demon, you unleash

I bathe you like a leech

You’re taking what I give to make you wild

Remember when you were made of white

Before I blessed you with desire and delight

Now you’ve molded into me

A stained identity

Turning out to be the jackal of the night

But what is such a life without a passion

Blending with the common holds no fashion

The sway will set you free

Welcome to liberty

Jumping to the cracks of my lashing

Gripping to release

Vice you up in teeth

Like pumpkins on Samhain, we are smashing


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