Rejecting Judgement

You were so quick to judge me

As if you are the God above me

You decimate my vibe

Pick out all my flaws

Searching, reaching, trying

Is it even worth your cause

To make yourself feel better

For all the pain you feel inside

Mask your insecurities

To defend your egos pride

Critique the way I live

And how I choose to breathe

Demise my every move

Will it ever set you free

Judge me like the book

That you never even read

Breeding verbal hatred

From the spoon that I had fed

Take my words and twist them

It doesn’t make them true

The angels flew- you missed them

But they’re still watching over you

When did I deserve this

When did I do wrong to you

Karma is a circus

Is it working out for you

I don’t waste my time

To dread about your ways

You see, I have my own

And I’m grateful for my days

Hell on earth was made for those who hate

Clowns enjoy the show while playing with their fate

I’ll stray from your act to remain genuine

Life is good that way

The bad guys never win

No need to stroke my ego

No need to play with play with toys

Just listen to the music

To filter out the noise




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