Pray Me Back (For The Damage)

When I was a young one

Innocent and learning to grow

In classrooms and playgrounds

I had always felt so alone

A public institution

To educate the rules that I know

But the numbers they taught

Couldn’t add up to the hate they had showed

Divided down the middle

Pathagorem theorem restricted my home

The seasons kept passing

Like a valiant test of the times

Loving, leaving and bleeding

Falling down to get up many times

They couldn’t contain me

In the jackets that just wouldn’t fit

Consumed with emotion

I had no choice but to take all that shit

Then I transgressed

Adapting to fit all their ways

Evolving my life

To disguise the mess that man made

Slimming my horizon

But somehow I still never fit

Surpassed the norm with succession

But was not good enough for me to quit

I thought it was over

But the truth is- it’s never enough

I keep pushing and pushing

All this going makes me look tough

But it’s not the same

As what I imagined it all to be

A curious nightmare

From a bittersweet childhood dream

I’ve met so many people

So different from the other ones seemed

Maybe it was the ladder of age

Or just how society was molding to me

So I kept climbing the tower

To see how high I can be

But the fall from it shattered

Every last bone in my newfound body

I was worn from the earthquake

That shook the world from under my feet

Grew tired and weary

Though I was hiding my pain in discreet

Pushing me farther

Keeping myself above land

With my force, I grew stronger

Things slowly came as I planned

And then out of nowhere

Face-to-face, I saw danger again

I prayed for the mercy

Of this crippling curse to end

I just want to be happy

To live while I can and be free

I’ll do what I have to

Will you please say a prayer for me

Through all of my scars

The attacks that I have survived

The least I can ask

A prayer for some light in my life

My candle is out

And I’m pushing myself in the dark

Hoping to find

The light of a merciful spark

If you can save me

With all of your beautiful prayers

If you can save me

Then I’d be happy to stay right here




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