Love Wins

Throw a stone

Cast a stone

Dust it off

Then clean my throne

Throw me far

To the stars

Cast a spell

Shooting star

Throw me down

To the ground

I am no-one

Demonic sound


Devil’s game


What a shame

Stir the pot

Round and round

Haunting voices

Cryptic sound

Let it go

Let it fade

Reading aura

Turn the page

Next chapter

Moving on

Forgiving those

Who’ve done me wrong

Flying light

On my broom

Escape the castle

Fled the moon

Dark night

Rising sun

Newfound glory

Has begun

Negate the rape

Negate the hate

Negate the trauma

Dalai Lama

Peace now

Feeling zen

Ying and yang

From where I’ve been

So free

Big relief

No more misery

And grief

Love back

Inside my heart

New moon

Fresh start

Through the thunder

And the rain

Dancing through

My growing pains

Deep breath

In and out

Had to scream

To let it out

Smoke has cleared



Replaced my fears




With a new dress

Fashion forward

Right track

Had to get

My mojo back

Big heart

Lost and found

Stronger start

Thumping loud


Deep within

In the end

Love wins





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