The methodology in my scheme

May not be what it seems

Pay closer attention

And the truth will set you free

I’ll fool you if I could

My intentions- they are good

Election time is nearing

Twists and turns to have you veering

Closer to my truth

Don’t be quick to give me the boot

You’ll soon see what I mean

As I unveil my dream

Unspoken to a point

Obscured to make a point

Catch them and release them

Edging up to freedom

Build inside my rocket

NASA in a pocket

Such as the fading moon

Along the universal planetary spoon

Tear drops in my tea

Soak my identity

There’s a man behind the mission

A code to keep you bitchin

And when you’re set in tune

Collected on my spoon

I’ll stir you into grace

And release you from my place

Soon you will see

And you will be



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