Broken-Hearted Soldier

Tough on the outside

But it’s not as it seems

So cold outside

Just keep on living these dreams

Who’s gonna hold me tonight

Wrapping closer to me

But it’s just not right

No, it’s not what it seems

Lost in the twilight

I am so far from me

Hurting on the inside

I won’t be sleeping to dream

Not tonight

But it’s alright

I’m used to this way

It never feels right

The days become nights

I just want you to stay

Losing my sight

Eyes drifting away

I’m not alright

When I say I’m okay

Not tonight

It’s just another night

And I forgot how to pray

When you’re nearing

I keep drifting away

Because I’m haunted

From the mess I had made

And you wanna help me

But you can’t fix me today

Cuz baby I’m broken

Drifting so far away

From all I ever wanted

The farther I stray

Such a believer

But they all turned to doubts

Such a fool

For all I was dreaming about

And now it’s over

Yeah it’s been over

Can’t do it over

You wanna hold me closer

I wish I could get closer

Can it all be over

A broken-hearted soldier…


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