9 Lives

Squeezed out the tunnel

Pushed into an elevator

Level up- One, two

Running backwards down the escalator

Knock me down but I get back up

Fumbling around- I haven’t had enough

Crashed and burned and broke my face

Lived and learned but it’s still in place

Broke my heart a billion times

Believed in all those stupid lies

Hit and run- You did me good

You had your fun but you’re no good

Lost my job

Lost my mind

Lost it all

But I gotta stay on the grind

Get it back

I got it back

Bigger, better version

Hungry shark attack

Boom boom clap

Smickity smack

Haters pucker up for the thunder clap

Swing swing whack

Like you’re ready to attack

Dodging all your slack

Karma’s gonna get you back

I don’t play

I do not fight

But I will defend with all my might

Defeated and mistreated many times before

Taken for a fool but nevermore

You got the wool but I see right through it

Pretty dumb of you to think that I could not do it

You can test me but you’re not a school

Tricky tricky bitch thinking you’re so cool

I had 9 lives and I got many more

So watch the fuck out and hear me roar


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