Spit me out

But I came from your mouth

Should’ve chewed more for a bite that big

Spill it out

Let it go from inside

Bittersweet fruit from the branch of a fig

Eat it up

After you toss it

Was reaching to hold but you slipped and you lost it

You’ll be okay

Just stay away

Danger could ignite in all the wrong ways

Revolt from the mass

Outcast that will last

Complexity streams from the drip of my flask

Suck it back down

And swallow it whole

Every last drop from the depth of my soul

Jesus love it when you prey~

~Wine and cracker- eucharist

Seal it ~ Deal it ~ Feel my kiss

Demon diamond in the light~

~Crackel jackal holy might

Secret coded love imploded~

~Jesus loves it when you prey

Were you searching for a fire

To burn in your desire

A temporary void

To halt your screaming noise

Come a little closer

I know you want to play

With your sharp tongue and slick approach

Jesus loves it when you PREY


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