Hit and run

Driving slow

Play for fun

Don’t you know

Flying steady

The air we go

Up and up and up it is

Spinning in your devilish

The wicked never rest- you know…

With good intention left to show

Bring me close

Pull me tight

In the darkness

Catching light

Feel the way

You want to free me

Doubt about

How you believe me

Skeptic cynics

Won’t deceive me

Fill my tank

From what they breathe me

Stare me down

Feeling this

Infected by

Your poison kiss

Teaching dogs

The finer tricks

Burning out

Your fire sticks

Running up

The spiral case

For a suckle

Of the purest taste

Grow to show

And fly this way

Eating life

I live to pray

It lifts me up

Where I belong

A battle wound

Made for the strong

Receiving all

Of what I’m worth

The heart and soul

To make it work

Taste it now

And eat it up

Wash it down

The sacred cup

My lips are on

The edge of freedom

Because I never

Stopped believing

And through it all

We shine as one

Unveiling pain

That I’ve come from

Amazing is

What we become

Release me now

Into the sun

Nothing’s gonna

Stop the flow

We ride together

Don’t you know

Show me everything

You’ve got

I’ll bare my heart up to the top


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